Vine Grove Methodist Episcopal Church, South was founded in 1881. Property was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Moreman. The first church building was used for approximately seventy-five years. In the early 40's the building was turned around to face High Street. Ground breaking for the present structure was on June 19, 1955 with the first service on November 18, 1956. In 1968, the name was changed to the Vine Grove United Methodist Church.

Location and Map

Our church campus at 306 High Street is located in the heart of Vine Grove on Highway 391, just one block from Vine Street (Highway 133).

Our Staff

Reverend Claudia Nava Galloway - Lead Pastor

Joel Henson - Choir Director

. -Musician

Cheryl Hardesty - Administrative Assistant

Donna Allen - Janitor